Condenser clogged???

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Condenser clogged???

Postby gen » Tue Jun 28, 2005 8:31 pm

Two years ago I had my 89 Ford F150 converted to 134a at an non-dealership, non-a/c specializing shop when the compressor seized. The system worked well until this spring when it stopped cooling(accompanied by fast cycling of the clutch).

With the help of a sniffer I found that the evaporator was leaking and replaced same along with the dryer. I also replaced the otube, the screen had trapped a fair amount of junk(I suspect from the previously deceased compressor) but was not completely clogged. The correct amount(a couple of ounces, whatever the book suggested) of oil(ester) was put into the replaced components. O-rings were also replaced.

The system was evacuated, checked to verify that it held a vacuum and recharged w/36 oz of 134a. I realize that this is only about 75% of the 48oz that the book says the system will hold when charged with R12, but vent temp was down around 42 with 95 ambient. I didn't want to add any more because both high an low pressures were abit high 60/280.

The system worked well for about a week. It worked going to work and didn't work at all at lunch time. I haven't done any diagnostics yet, but I've got this nagging thought in the back of my mind that with the pressures high, I've got a restriction in the condenser, and a nice hot day caused venting at the compressor.

I'm thinking that I've got a system flush, new condenser, new dryer in my immediate future.

Thoughts???? Suggestions????

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Postby Guest » Tue Jun 28, 2005 8:41 pm

You most likely will have to replace the condenser, along with the compressor. It appears from the high low side that the suction valves are shot..A flush of the rest of the system, and a new O tube and acumulator will be needed. make sure the fan clutch is operating propely, that will bring pressures down some, but your suction side is way off. Feel free to e-mailme if you need flushing procedures or vac/charge procedures..Hope this helps.

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