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Re: OIl change/charge

Postby huntindog » Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:56 am

aquartlow wrote:
huntindog wrote:
aquartlow wrote:Just joined this forum, wanted to know how the 58098 compressor/R12 combo worked out? I will be replacing my leaking A6 with the same 58098 in a '79 Ranchero that has a complete A/C system retrofitted from a '76 Thunderbird(worked excellent prior to A6 front seal issues). Will also be using R12 and #525 AC Delco mineral oil for lubrication. Thank you in advance, Todd

It bolted up with no issues. Too early to tell on the long term durability... They say they tested it to 50,000 miles... That is not a lot in AZ where we use AC much of the year.. My old A6 went over 20 years untouched... Did have to add freon some towards the end.

I looked at the A6 offerings from Autozone and Oriellys. Both made for Four Seasons. They did not pass my visual inspection. One looked like it had been drug down the road and then been painted. The other ones clutch looked to be ready to break any time.

Now MAYBE they would have worked out just fine... But I just didn't get a good feeling looking them over. So the new A10 is my default choice.

Thank you so much for your reply, sorry to post pics and such on your thread, really needed to hear if this A6 alternative works as it should or intended. Since you are using R12, how does the 58098 cool compared to the A6, been too long since mine was running so I have no "fresh" memories to rely upon when I get mine up and running. Thanks again, Todd

I had a pretty long period of time without the AC working as well.... But I think the A10 does better, especially at idle/low speeds.
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